Teacher Training Begins in Preperation for The New PPP School in Duhok, Kurdistan

September 2008 saw the first SABIS® PPP (Public-Private Partnership) project take place in Erbil, Kurdistan.  Due to the success of this school and the demand for high-quality education in the Duhok region, another agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will open a similar PPP school for the upcoming 2009 academic year. 

Drawing on SABIS®’s experience in managing schools, including the International School of Choueifat – Erbil, the KRG selected SABIS® to implement a three-year educational project focused on developing schools in the area.  Under SABIS® management, staff and teachers in the public school will be trained so that they can satisfy local educational and professional criteria.  This will serve a model for improving education in Kurdistan at both primary and secondary levels. 

In September 2009, the Sardam Primary School School, will open its doors to more than 300 children in Kindergarten through Grade 3 in Duhok. 

Through the unique PPP program, SABIS® will provide Sardam Primary with its international curriculum and books and will appoint a select group of SABIS® trainers to work with the local teachers for a period of 3 years – after which the school will be fully operational with local Kurdish staff.

In preparation for the opening in September 2009, seasoned SABIS® trainers have begun a training program to assist local staff and Ministry of Education teachers in the implementation of the core SABIS® curriculum and management of the school’s operations.  In the early stages, the training focuses mainly on the teaching of the English language.  Through the use of effective teaching methods, the Ministry of Education teachers will have the confidence to conduct English classes and teach the phonetic sounds effectively to students in September.
As training progresses over the three year period, it will encompass all aspects of the SABIS® Educational System.

Sardam International School

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