Sardam International School’s Bowling Field Trip

On October 15, 2011, Grade 5 students of Sardam International School participated in a field trip to a bowling alley and arcade. Making the short journey by bus, the 52 students, teachers, and Student Life Coordinator traveled to Duhok’s center where they enjoyed an exciting morning of playing games together and building new friendships.

“It was an unforgettable day for the students and the teachers,” said a Sardam International School teacher. “I think the trip provided students with a good outlet to play and have fun but also to build strong relationships with others,” she added.

Commenting on students’ reaction to the field trip, a Sardam International School teacher said, “Some of the students had never gone bowling before so they were thrilled to attend the field trip. It was great to see them bowl for the first time and really enjoy themselves.” She added, “There were some really wonderful moments when the teachers and the students shared in playing and taking pictures.”

The bowling and arcade excursion is one of the many Student Life Organization® (SLO®) activities organized for students at Sardam International School. Student participation in SLO® functions is encouraged in schools throughout the SABIS® School Network. By fostering the exploration of a wide range of interests and promoting the development of students’ individual talents, SABIS® ensures that students acquire a broad range of skills and experiences so they can become effective and valuable team players, and strong candidates at top universities around the world.

Sardam International School

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