Sardam International School Officially Opens

Following the success of the first SABIS®-PPP School, the Kurdistan Regional Government and SABIS® Educational Services have teamed up to open a second PPP school in the northern city of Duhok. The school, called Sardam International School, will operate in a newly-built campus donated by the United States.

The inauguration ceremony was held on March 12, 2009, in the presence of many prominent personalities, most notably Mr. Tammer Ramathan, governor of Duhok, Ms. April Wells, from the Regional Construction Team in Erbil, and Mr. Wakiz Moosis Sarkisian, Director of Education in Duhok, in addition to a host of other guests.

The ceremony included a ribbon-cutting to officially declare the new school open.  The governor and other honored guests were then taken on a tour of the school, followed by a welcome speech to thank the Americans and the American Embassy for donating the school. 

As the second SABIS® PPP school to open in Kurdistan, Sardam International School will be managed by SABIS® Educational Services, which has a long-standing reputation for the successful operation of K-12 schools around the world.  SABIS® will provide Sardam International with its international education system, including curriculum and books among other educational tools, and will appoint a knowledgeable group of SABIS® education trainers to work with the local teachers for a period of three years, after which the school will be fully operational with local Kurdish staff.

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Sardam International School

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