Giving Back to an Orphanage

Giving Back to an Orphanage


At Sardam International School, students are taught to take their social and civic responsibilities very seriously.  On Saturday, December 10, 2011, the school’s Student Life Organization (SLO®) organized a trip for Grade 2 students to visit a boys and girls orphanage in Duhok.

With an aim of bringing some happiness to the children at the orphanage, each Sardam International School student generously brought gifts with them despite that many of them come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds themselves. To prepare for the trip, students first met at school to wrap the gifts. After the gifts were wrapped and packed, the students and their chaperones headed off to the boy’s orphanage.

Once at the boy’s orphanage, students were warmly greeted by staff members there. They then had the opportunity to present the gifts to the boys and talk with them. Afterwards, Sardam International School students went to the girl’s orphanage where they distributed gifts to the young girls.

“It was an enjoyable and a great day for both the Sardam students and the children at the orphanage,” commented a Sardam International School staff member who joined the group of 2nd graders on the trip. “It was rewarding to see the smiles on the children’s faces at the orphanage and we hope that they enjoyed our visit there and the students’ gifts,” she added.

The Student Life Organization, an integral part of the SABIS® Educational System, fosters self-development, teamwork, and the exploration of a wide range of interests among students at Sardam International School. Moreover, SLO® helps instill a remarkable sense of compassion and consideration for others through various community activities such as visits to orphanages and other initiatives.

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