First KG fun days at Sardam

The first year of Sardam has had many wonderful moments, such as the KG fun days. On Saturday April 10th the KG1 Fun day took place and the following Saturday, April 17th, the KG2 Fun day took place on the school premises in Duhok. Parents were invited to cheer for the students as they competed in fun activities.

The days were filled with different kinds of activities. The eventful days began with face painting for both students and staff. Thereafter the spoon balancing, musical freeze, aiming balls into different sized holes and other activities took place. The students had so much fun that they could not resist some impulsive dancing. At some points the parents and staff couldn’t resist and joined the dance too.

The parents and the students did some hand prints which were given to them as a memory of the day. The days were wrapped up with some fun prizes handed out to the students.

There is no doubt that all students, parents and staff enjoyed the fun days. Many parents congratulated the school on a day better than ever expected.

Sardam International School

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